My Enneagram

Yesterday after our weekly staff meeting, several of my coworkers presented a team building exercise focused around “the Personality Types of the Enneagram.”  My biggest surprise happened at the very beginning.  I quickly identified myself as being a Type Five (the Investigator) from just the general description.  I believe this comes from the work I’ve done since the divorce.  I know my own strengths and weaknesses and have realistic expectations.  Later, we took the short quiz and I scored 8 of 8 as Type 5; 6 of 8 as Type 1, and 5 of 8 as both Type 3 and Type 9.  I even scored 8 of 8 as Type 5 on a second version of the test.

Here are the fact sheets for my top two:
Enneagram Type Five (#5)
Enneagram Type One (#1)

The Nine Types of Personality Enneagram

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