Pandemic Compromises

I am working from home and, unlike many other workers, I am assured of receiving my normal salary.  I am staying with my mom for several reasons, but two are especially important.  First, mutual support and safety as she is 77 years old and I am 57 and we both have compromised immunity.  Second, I need a robust internet connection to telework and I do not have one at my normal residence.  I expect to be here at least two weeks and am prepared for much longer.  We also have two Yorkies (Mom) and a parrot (mine) to keep us company and provide distraction and entertainment.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) will be closing for all but residential soldiers and their families and mission essential personnel by COB this Friday.  JBLM remains one of the safest work locations and I was fully satisfied with the precautions prior to beginning telework.  I have changed my delivery of FRESHLY meals and we are stocking up on pet supplies and toiletries from CHEWY and AMAZON.  I am watching DEMOCRACY NOW podcasts daily and keeping current from reliable news outlets and friends that I trust.  I’ve also tried to get as my family and friends to use an app called MARCO POLO which is, practically speaking, video texting.  The person that you are contacting does not have to be online themselves and can pick up and reply to you at their convenience.

I am appalled at the national US leadership during this crisis.  Many governors are instead standing out for their concerned leadership, including Washington Governor Jay Inslee.  Mom and I are eating somewhat lighter, drinking more, getting plenty of rest and paying attention to both our hygiene and our temperature.  I’d like everyone to know that the sudden loss of taste or smell can be an early indicator of COVID-19.  Infections without symptoms are truly the main carriers of the pandemic and why social distancing and staying isolated as much as possible is so important.

As I drove the 80 miles from my home to my mom’s, all the electronic message boards read:  STAY HOME – TRAVEL LESS – SAVE LIVES

Please do all you can to stay healthy and safe and show your appreciation for all the workers and medical personnel who are taking the risks to help us all do just that.