Parking Tickets

I haven’t spent much time on Pacific Avenue downtown in the last couple years. They’ve made major parking changes. Some angle parking is now paid, but they don’t have meters. The have a “central” kiosk. That is interspersed with length-limited parking. So they obviously want the revenue for the city. Turns out that they are willing to really gouge you for a single infraction.

I was meeting a few ladies from my knitting group for a trial monthly “Brewhouse Knitting” night. We met at the Harmon Pub. I thought I was in a 90 minute zone. They arrived late and I left late, so I wasn’t surprised to see a ticket on the windshield, although I was disappointed. I was surprised to find two! First was for parking w/o paying and the second was for exceeding 90 minutes. Apparently, the rule is: pay to park for up to 90 minutes.” Two separate tickets left at two separate times. Since I don’t want to deal with a hearing date, I am paying both.

In my opinion, however, they are chasing business off the avenue. Cities seem so desperate to find more money that they’re willing to do it on the backs of potential customers. They are pushing those customers out the malls and burbs because they don’t charge for parking, don’t penalize you for visiting, and have altogether easier access.