Perfect Heroes (Carrie Fisher)

We all want our heroes to be flawless, but they are simply human beings with all the flaws that encompasses.  A whole generation venerates the civil rights and the Kennedy family, but history shows they struggled too.  Celebrity and notoriety are the common coin now.  What we all forget is that talent makes demands on each individual.  Some manage it well and control their careers and media exposure (Jodi Foster and Tom Hanks).  Many, however, struggle and have trouble managing when under the spotlight and successful (Robin Williams and Robert Downey Jr.), resorting to drugs or other excesses and suffering from depression and other stress conditions.

If we, the hero worshipers, are lucky, then we have both intangible and tangible artifacts to keep.  Star Wars ties me to exactly who and where I was.  The wonder and excitement is part of my personal history.  I follow those actors with added interest, both their careers and their personal life.  I cheer for them and am disappointed in them as though they are part of my extended family.  As I get older, I am learning to appreciate the talent, the memories AND the flaws.  They all took chances and, succeed or fail, they tried.

Sadly, Carrie Fisher’s recent death seems to be attributable to her struggle with mental illness and drug abuse, but wasn’t she something?!