Perjury and Obstruction of Justice (I say, “Yes, you are a bad person.”)

Phony boundaries between personal, professional, public and political roles are the new justification for lying, perjury and obstruction of justice from Trump’s cabinet and appointees.  If President Obama hadn’t spread evidence of Russia’s involvement with Trump and his team, they would’ve hidden or destroyed it when they moved into the Executive Branch.  Intelligence from other countries is now corroborating the evidence against them.

Trump’s partners and dubious affiliations may not qualify as “doing business,” but they could be argued as money laundering.  Selling his “brand” for projects funded by convicted felons and shady businesses is as bad if not worse.  I saw worse because it was careless.  Doing business with these individuals and companies would’ve required more interaction and knowing association.  This type of carelessness characterizes Trump’s style and he is refusing to make his personal finances available as part of his promise of transparency because this would become obvious and irrefutable.

Republicans are now asking Sessions to recuse himself from an investigation into the allegations.  They are beginning to distance themselves from the train wreck that is coming.  Hopefully this is the end of the beginning (not the beginning of the end) and our elected representatives have decided to look out for the actual welfare of our country instead of their party or themselves.