Perspective, Intention, Insight

Gaian Tarot:  The Magician (#1) … manifest
Galaxy Runes:  RAIDO  … perspective/planning
Druid Oracle:  Air Dragon … insight/clarity
Horoscope:  Intention

Some months ago, I was searching for a slogan to move me forward.  Shortly after my divorce I developed one.  Well, two actually.  One for the past and one for the future.  The divorce motto was mostly about feeling, while the current one is mostly about action.

Divorce:  Old and tired … Young and happy.
Now:  Stuck and distracted … Motivated and focused.

Basically, I search for a perspective that addressed the barriers I’d encountered and the blocks I was feeling.  Then, I focused on what I wanted to come up the insight, i.e. motto.   I still feel stuck, but less distracted.  My block is taking the actions that I know are necessary to build momentum.