Pitch & Stitch – What’d I Miss?

    I attended my first baseball game ever yesterday.  I went to Safeco Field in Seattle to see the Mariners play the Kansas City Royals.  We had seats over third base and the Mariners won.  We were out of the sun for the entire game and the weather was beautiful.  I carpooled with a knitting friend as part of the annual Pitch & Stitch event.  The vendors on the concourse had some great stuff, but I only bought a single pattern book.  Karolyn and I hit major traffic on the way home though and, by the time I dropped her off at her car and got back home to bed, it was after 1 am.
    I've always considered baseball a boring spectator sport, but found that I could miss a play simply by looking away to change yarn or get a drink from my water bottle.  I've always loved the quote, "Life is what happens while you're busy doing other things."  Baseball too!
   Meanwhile, I was busy coping with work, my health, and SO's unemployment.  For the SO, his life happened while I was busy doing other things.  Now I'm not sure if we can bring our "lives" back together again.  Or how much work that would take.  Is it worth it?

NOTES:  SO = significant other / LS = little sister / EH = ex-husband / MSO = Mom's significant other