Pointing Out Bias is NOT Racism

It has become common to dismiss accusations of mistreatment that cite race as racism in and of themselves. This is plainly ridiculous. Saying the “Black Lives Matter,” does not innately mean that no other lives matter. That argument is a distractions … a tactic to redirect attention, silence the outcry, and minimize the wrongdoing.

If there was a pattern of police brutality against white offenders (potential offenders), they’d make the news just as the pattern against black and brown offenders have. The outrage should be directed against the actions regardless. Attention should be on those actions and the participants. Mainstream media seems to focus on the questions of whether bigotry or systemic injustice exists rather than justice for the specific victim(s) that holds the actors accountable.  Fortunately, camera phones and body cams have made it possible to gain coverage outside the mainstream by using social media and the internet to publicize the incidents.  Citizen journalism can force issues into mainstream media.

While tragic and misguided, the shooting of police officers isn’t really shocking. When any authority fails to hold its members accountable within the system, their membership will be held accountable by those who’ve been excluded from the system. Do I want police officers killed? No. The problem is that I don’t want them targeting and killing citizens either. Until they are held to the same standards they hold members of their communities, especially black men; violence can only escalate.