Poipu Beach Baptism and (Nearly) Free Dinner

Since my last post, we have been very busy.  We decided to spend one morning on the beach and I discovered a big difference between my Washington/Oregon beaches and Hawaiian ones.  We got our rented chairs and gear settled and then went wading.  We were not fearless despite the lifeguard.  I began wading out, checking my footing each time.  Just before a slight dip, I saw a line if rocks and decided to use them for stability.  Bad move!  The sand was actually quicksand and I sank in and went down, getting slapped in the face by a wave and needing assistance to get back on my feet.  Lesson learned:  Sandy Kauai rocks aren’t Canon Beach rocks!  Good news?  We got to see a monk seal resting on the beach and the storm clouds blew on past The Point a Poipu.

When we got back to the resort, we went down to the rocky overlook and watched sea turtles surfing the waves.  My sister later want down and caught four of them surfing together.  She was so engrossed in photographing them that she didn’t see their wave was going to break big against the rocks below her.  She was never in danger from the sea, but she (and her camera) did get thoroughly wet – another baptism by the sea.

Mom was getting pretty tired, so my sister and I went to the Hanapepe Friday Night Festival & Art Walk.  We checked out a few galleries and booths, stopped at the bakery and she walked the hanging bridge. While the even was a bit over-hyped, it was an enjoyable side trip.  We decided to head onto Waimea and eat cowboy style at the Wrangler’s Steakhouse.  It was hot an experience to write home about … at least not in a good way.

Parking was behind or on the street and the entrance wasn’t obvious.  When we arrived, we could see several empty tables.  Yet we waited for over 20 minutes for them to be “bussed” and someone to lay out cutlery and napkins.  Once seated, our waiter was there to take our order but then disappeared.  We started by sharing a crab cake and I ordered a beer.  The beer was served barely chilled in a bottle, but the crab cake was excellent.  The “salad and soup bar” was very limited and the soup was lukewarm even immediately after a new tureen was brought out.  Finally, they served us one excellent steak and one horrible cut.  We ordered the same dinner and our steaks cooked medium.  My sister’s steak was full of gristle and really rare.  She sent it back and then it was just rare.  At that point we indicated that we wouldn’t be paying for it and had no intention of ordering anything else.  My sister finished the last half of my steak – which was really good.  The only thing that saved this experience for us was when our waiter finally showed up again (a bus boy helped until then) and comped everything except my steak.  He even gave us a free dessert.