Political Correctness

I personally despise political correctness, but being politically incorrect does not give anyone license for violence, hate speech and incivility.  I used to watch Bill Maher on HBO, but his justifiable viewpoints got very black and I needed more positive sources.  I watched THE DAILY SHOW with Jon Stewart and found other sources.  I’m revisiting this because POLITICALLY INCORRECT-REAL TIME just celebrated its 25th Anniversary.  And now I”m listening to THE DAILY SHOW (THE AUDIOBOOK): AN ORAL HISTORY AS TOLD BY JON STEWART, THE CORRESPONDENTS, STAFF AND GUESTS.  The evolution of institutions fade into current events and recent iterations.

I don’t watch much network news or even local broadcasts anymore.  I follow DemocracyNow and Amy Goodman.  I watch Trevor Noah on THE DAILY SHOW, VICE, VICE NEWS, Samantha Bee, Jim Jeffries, 60 MINUTES and I subscribe to some sites (like MEDIUM and THE GUARDIAN).  I’m getting used to ongoing dissonance between what is said and what is actually happening.  I don’t want to get trapped in a bubble of my own, but I don’t want to expand anyone else’s either.

A friend has vowed not to post anything about Trump in the wake of his poor performance and rhetoric.  We have bombs sent to individuals and organizations that Trump has targeted with hate speech.  We have Jews killed while at worship in their own synagogue.  We have a demagogue elected in Brazil.  We have Angela Merkel announcing she won’t run for reelection in Germany.  Centrist or even center right politicians are loosing support worldwide as violence and natural disasters mobilize the populations of whole regions or countries to immigrate and claim refugee status.  Forgetting the lessons of the past, nationalism is rising and doors are slamming shut all over the world with the United States being the first and the worst.

In my opinion the argument really goes like this:

According to Trump:  Immigrants are criminals.  The only good Americans are white Americans.
According to Native Americans:  The only Americans are Native Americans.  Everyone else is an immigrant or the descendant of an immigrant.
According to Trump supporters:  Too much information makes you stupid.  Just do what you’re told.
Accordingly:  Don’t wait for someone else to fix it.  Don’t give up what power and influence you have left.  Vote … and refuse to back down.