Prequel: Tales of Bernie (the Littlest Terrorist) #1

I decided I was ready for another cat. It had been over four years and this time I wanted a kitten. Rescue kittens were very hard to fine, so I indulged myself. I went looking for a Scottish Fold. Along the way, I experienced sticker shock ($1,700) and anxiety over possible health conditions.

I found a breeder in Gresham, Oregon, who had available kittens and would allow us to visit and place a deposit. Mom and I drove into the hills and were welcomed into the breeder’s home, removing our masks after we all avowed our positive vaccination status. We were presented with a basket of five white kittens. One male was pure white, one male was flame point and three females were lilac or blue point.

During the visit, I nearly changed my mind about my pick. I’d fallen in love with the photos of the flame point male, but he was totally indifferent to my attentions and the white male was at least interested. I persevered despite flame point indifference and placed my deposit. He was born February 21, 2021 and I would have to wait a few weeks to take him home.

I immediately started reading and shopping. In the twenty plus years since I’d had a kitten or started entirely from scratch outfitting a cat, things had changed! I reread all the NORTON books (Peter Gethers) and researched my breed and kittens. Since we had an older male Yorkshire Terrier and a small parrot, I purchased a small tent as an initial home and safe base for my kitten as he got used to the changes in his circumstances. I bought beds, food, toys, treats, bowls, a drinking fountain, a soft-sided carrier and emergency medical supplies. I researched veterinarians and scheduled his wellness appointment two days after his pending arrival. I asked the breeder for new photos which she generally messaged to my phone. I talked to everyone and waited … yes, very impatiently.