When I first started online journaling, some individuals were upset because I used a “nicknames” to protect actual identities and wrote about my personal interactions with family and friends.  Of course, if you knew me beyond my web presence, you would know them.  So I went back and made the most “objectionable” posts PRIVATE instead of PUBLIC.

Prevailing advice for individuals is to minimize your social media and online presence and to protect them with restrictions.  I doubt that most of this really makes a difference.  What I do follow is not posting anything I wouldn’t want my employer or other “official” organizations to know.  I find this limiting at times, but try to adhere to it because you never know when an individual with “elevated” access will share that with some “official,” creating an unhappy outcome for you.

With that in mind, I rarely post about personnel related issues, but I do feel strongly about one that I can also generalize about:  using leave.

I regularly am impacted by serious health issues (illness or accident) every 2-3 years.  I also have several documented chronic conditions.  This means that I rarely build up a significant bank of usable sick or annual leave.  My employer prefers me to tag all sick leave as sick leave.  In essence, this means first my sick leave, then my annual leave, and finally leave without pay is used.  Yet, I am constantly reminded of my leave balances and granted “conditional” leave approval.  Honestly, the only reason to disapprove leave (as long as I understand that it might be leave without pay) is if it adversely impacts my employer.  Despite all this, just taking an unscheduled day off leads to verbal or text reminders of these issue and continues with email reminders when I submit forms.

I’ve managed my own health, commitments and life for some time now.  I don’t need another mother at my current age of 54 years.