Quote from: Getting in Touch with your Inner Bitch (Studying)

“Think of your Inner Bitch as an early warning system in the battle for self-esteem and dignity.  Just for today, listen to that wise little voice inside telling you that you’re about to embark on self-defeating behavior.”

I stayed up later last night than I meant to and had a hard time waking up this morning.  I came into work 2 hours late.  That’s a defeat for my goal of being in bed with the lights out NLT 11 pm, for my plan to conserve both my annual and sick leave, and for my feelings of independence and focus.  And it depletes the energy and health needed.

I spent time today working on the CEUs I need for my CompTIA Security+ certification.  I have 16 of 50 credits needed by April 2017.  So the following are my study and training goals:

1)  Complete at least 30 of the credits needed by the end of 2016.
2)  Complete my aromatherapy certificate.
3)  Begin a JAVA/JAVA Script study course.
4)  Begin a Library Science certification or degree.