Religious Brainwashing

I just finished listening to BEYOND BELIEF: MY SECRET LIFE INSIDE SCIENTOLOGY AND MY HARROWING ESCAPE   by Jenna Miscavige Hill. I remember reading some L. Ron Hubbard fiction back in junior high school. I’ve loved mythology since grade school and explored the beliefs and basis of many world religions. I am simply thankful that something deep inside kept me thinking critically. I can only cringe at the complete brainwashing done to the children who grow up in a religion that is really a cult. Even the “best” religions can be abused, but if it takes brainwashing and “blind” faith to keep church members, then everyone should run screaming in the opposite direction!

The Muslim faith is the current failure, but Christianity has had its moments (Crusades, Inquisition, colonialism …) too. The current state of the world with the huge gaps in the standard of living between countries and between groups within each country, makes individuals ripe for anything that provides a feeling of righteous belonging. Unfortunately, that usually means imposed morality.

I found the website co-founded by Jenna Miscavige Hill very enlightening: