Republicans Add Censorship to “Alternative Facts”

When Senator Elizabeth Warren read a historic letter by Coretta Scott King against an earlier appointment of Senator Jeff Sessions during Sessions’ confirmation hearing for Attorney General, she was silenced by a little know Senate Rule against impugning another Senator.  She was not allowed to participate any further in the confirmation hearing for Senator Sessions.

Apparently, if the Senate doesn’t like something one senator says, they’ll silence that member on that issue or that person.  Senator Sessions’ confirmation hearing was delayed so that he could cast his vote for the Education Secretary because, without it, she wouldn’t have been confirmed.  As it was, her confirmation required the Vice President to break a tie.

I am seriously glad I don’t have children or grandchildren in public school systems, but I am seriously concerned about the “alternative education” likely to replace it under the new Secretary of Education.  What will democracy be like when citizens are not only uniformed and uncritical, but fed propaganda and “alternative facts?”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Silenced by GOP for Reading Coretta Scott King’s Letter About Jeff Sessions (DemocracyNow)