Right to Assemble – If You Pay$ or You Risk Your Life

Around the country, governments and municipalities are trying to implement new restrictions on protestors.  They already arrest media reporters and peaceful protestors, hold them in jail, and drag out legal actions until charges are eventually dismissed.  Now, they want to sue protestors for the cost of “policing” the demonstrations, make it legal for drivers to “accidentally” hit and kill protestors blocking intersections, make blocking an intersection a felony, declare protest as economic terrorism, allow police to remove protestors blocking traffic by any means necessary.  In essence, block traffic and you die!

Can anyone say dictatorship?  Soon we’ll have draconian rules like China, political prisoners, and missing citizens.  China made it impossible to protest when they hosted the Olympics and we all (should) remember Tiananmen Square. Closer to home, we have the civil rights movement and the Kent State University protestors.  Sadly, we have to mobilize yet again.

Timeline for the Civil Rights Movement
History of Vietnam Protests