Slippery Slope to Dispair

Sadly, Bush and 9/11 gave fuel to the burgeoning idea that news is relative … that you can’t reach a conclusion because it makes one of many viewpoints true … that truth is not based on fact but opinion … and the important opinion is the one that is shouted longest and loudest.

The backlash to Bush was Obama, but he was a product of his times and circumstances.  He didn’t affect the changes he was elected for.  Now, we have the Trump response and I can only pray there will be an actual uprising.

When the social contract fails, when personal success and wealth are more important than integrity and community, what’s left?  You have us – the United States today.

Where can we look for hope?  At independent news sources like Democracy Now, at protests in the street, and at quiet acts of rebellion.  Organizations can choose which laws and policies to enforce.  Individuals can quietly do the same on a personal scale.  We cannot simply hunker down and wait for someone else to act.  That way lies disappointment and desperation and perhap dispair.

Note:  What brought all this on?  Well, current events obviously.  And I’m sick with a nasty cold. But tonight I watched the HBO movie TRUTH about Dan Rather and Mary Maples.  And I was ashamed that I hadn’t paid more attention then.  We can’t just believe whatever is pushed out to us.  We have to be discerning and willing to work for informed opinions and decisions.  Without that, we deserve to be treated like mindless pawns and manipulated by the wealthy and powerful.