Snippets and Being Present

What to you write about when you’re thinking and functioning in sound bites instead of focused analysis?  I had a really relaxing week with my mom on the Oregon Coast just before the Labor Day weekend.  We could watch the ocean from our patio/yard where the drop off to the sand was about 8 yards away.  We drank wine and watched the sunset.  We cooked and used the fireplace.  We played backgammon and binge watched X FILES episodes. (I watched the series, but Mom didn’t.)  We did very little shopping and only dined out a few times.  We took one scenic drive and made friends with the local marmots (they liked corn chips and bread crusts).

We didn’t talk about a lot of deep subjects, but I found a magazine on the rack at the Tillamook Fred Meyer’s called WOMEN & WEED.  So we talked about cannabis, our health, and what was/wasn’t/might work.  Before we left, Mom and I bought an alcohol tincture and a pain stick at the Rockaway Beach (Oregon) dispensary.  Since I’m now looking, I found two more magazines devoted to weed.

I am finding my own finances very tight, but will make my last car payment in October.  I am trying to limit my consumerism to information and books.  By that, I mean subscriptions and news, print and digital.  I am completely unmotivated by the tasks of daily living.  My job bores me and I have a limited social life.  My significant other is rarely available for companionship, but makes time for regular booty calls.

I have strong opinions and increasingly disgusted by the dissenting views.  I feel like too many of my contemporaries and generation are both lazy and selfish.  Critical thinking is not valued.  Thankfully, the generation graduating from high school and college is mobilizing.   Another decade or two and the US will have a white minority.  That idea is scaring a generation of bigots and racists because they’re truly afraid of retaliation.  What that tells me is that they knew exactly how wrong their actions were.

So, I am trying to remain present in my life and not worry too much about everything outside that.  I have embraced the philosophy of “see something, say something.”  I don’t ignore or avoid the uncomfortable words an actions of those around me.  For now, that will have to do.