Snowy Super Bowl Adventure

I drove down to my mother’s on Saturday and stayed for the Super Bowl (about 80 miles, mostly on I5).  Snow began falling Sunday mid-morning.  Generally, the Portland, Oregon area tends to see worse winter conditions than the Tacoma, Washington area.

The drive between the two cities was snowy and saw some accumulation on I5.  The slush was the worst of it on the roadway.  By the time I got to Tacoma though, the exit ramps were covered and the roadways through Tacoma and out to Spanaway had as much as six inches on them.  I was afraid that my driveway in Spanaway  (off Hwy 7) would be impassable, so I decided to park at a nearby gas station where I say other cars.  I got stuck in the side entrance.  I had to call the boyfriend and get him to bring his big Ford F350 Diesel to pull me out.

Unfortunately, the only hitch to tow my Hyundai Veloster is under the back bumper.  This meant that he had to both pull me free and turn me to get me into the parking lot.  We managed it.  However, we managed to apply enough pressure to the back bumper that it sprang the driver’s side of the bumper loose from the connectors.  USAA auto insurance applies collision rather than comprehensive coverage to this which means I have a $500 deductible rather than a $0 deductible.  The adjuster came to me today at work and I am awaiting his report, but he did say the whole rear bumper will have to be replaced.

Meanwhile, the snowfall ultimately reached 10+ inches overnight.  Late starts were authorized for employees on Joint Base Lewis McChord for both Monday (February 6th) and Tuesday (February 7th) and road conditions were listed as RED.  We were able to get the car down to our duplex garage late on Monday.  About half of the staff at my office were also unable to report to work on Monday.  I was the only one (in my office) unable to report on Tuesday.  I did make it in nearly on time today, but the boyfriend had to do the actual driving to get me from our driveway onto the road and it took him more than half a dozen tries.  We still have serious snow, slush and ice around our duplex and on parts of the driveways which are gravel over dirt.

I hope to get home okay tonight after my knitting group.  Next, I’ll have to call the dealership for replacement of the bumper and a possible rental car.  At least insurance will cover the rental!