Steve Jobs Revisited

When Steve Jobs was dying and then Walter Isaacson’s masterful biography was released, I read it.  And I was surprised because I always kind of dismissed Jobs as a niche visionary with terrible people skills.  After reading the biography, I had an entirely different view.  I felt like I’d gotten beyond the headlines and the hype.  Isaacson did a marvelous job and painted a picture of the man with all his warts and all his genius.  If you havent’ read STEVE JOBS by Walter Isaacson, you should consider it … read it for the story and the drama and a glimpse into the man, the times and the industry.

Still, I didn’t watch the movie until tonight.  I’d gotten kind of burned out on “icon” movies and the cult of personality, especially associated with technology and social media.  So, I was channel surfing and caught most of the movie.  Now I recommend it too.

I own one Apple product, an iPod for my music, but I use iTunes across devices.  I use MS Windows working for the federal government and I play with android, smartphones, e-readers and tablets by choice.  I think Apple users pay too much, but get exactly what they’re paying for:  style, simplicity and safety.  It has fewer bugs and security issues, but they have few choices and must get Apple’s approval for everything.

If android every figures out multi-tasking, i.e. having more than one window open at a time, then I would probably give up MS Windows altogether.  Meanwhile, I enjoy how customizable it is (both hardware and software), the variety of devices, and its integration in so many fields and locations.  I just wish the change between Windows 7 and Windows 10 hadn’t been so drastic and … they should have just skipped Windows 8/8.1.