Sunny Beach Weekend

I spent the Memorial Day weekend with my friend in Tillamook.  The routine was great.  I got there Friday night.  After that, I’d wake around 0930, get to the beach about 1130, stay until about 1500, and then spend the evening visiting with my friend and her husband.  I managed to sunburn my lower legs and ankles on the first day, but otherwise completely enjoyed it.  Since the beach wasn’t near shops and a bit hard to find, it had really low traffic.  My only disappointment was not being able to park closer to the water.  The drifts across the lower end of the drive were too deep for me to risk.

I managed to make friends with 3 of her 5 cats (two of them are usually pretty friendly and she keeps trying to send the short-bodied female calico called Tinkerbell home with me).  I dropped in at the local yarn store and had a farewell breakfast at my favorite local restaurant on my last day:

Tangled Yarns

The Fern