Tact and Civility or Revolution

At a recent knitting group meeting, one of our members told a tale of trying to teach an elderly (94-year-old) member of another group to crochet.  The woman was having difficulty and eventually gave up, saying that she was done.  She then told her teacher, “You cannot stay here.  Go sit somewhere else.”  Our member described the woman’s behavior as “mean.”  I suggested that the elderly woman had simply shed the filter of politeness and tact … that she wasn’t bothering to filter her thoughts and convert them for civility’s sake.

I suggested that I’d begun using this was an enjoyable practice myself.  I just didn’t have the energy or inclination to be socially correct all the time.  While I try not to be “mean” about my responses or advice, you will get what you asked for.  I will not obfuscate or obscure it significantly.  Sometimes the voices in my head go too far, but I’ve begun embracing them anyway.  I’ve resolved not to continually play it safe.

Frankly, tact and civility got Trump and his allies elected.  When one side shouts lies, hate and propaganda while the other speaks facts, inclusion and truth; the liars win.  The corporate and political structure in the United States is now a cautionary tale and I don’t believe we’ve hit bottom yet.  I am disgusted by my own country.  Poverty and income inequality make us so even if we don’t address the many other issues (infrastructure, health care, immigration, bigotry, sexism etc.). The wealthiest 1% will get 83% of the tax cut, cutting or underfunding and all the other programs.

I can’t believe that we will have to have a revolution just to reverse the horrible policies of our current administration.  Hopefully, it will be peaceful.   If the current “regime” (I can’t believe I’m using that term in the USA.) keeps cutting away at free speech and free assembly, it might not be.  Civility and the rule of law may fail.  I hate that I am part of the demographic that has voted this into place despite my voting entirely their opposite.  I can’t believe that so many “citizens” are content or even joyful to give up critical thinking, suck up propaganda and give up their own power to become clueless zombies.