The New Star Wars Trilogy (Episode 7) (Spoiler Warning!!!)

I saw the first movie in George Lucas’ new Star Wars Trilogy:  The Force Awakens (Episode 7).  I saw the first one (now know as Episode 4) five times in the theatre the year that it was released.  I was torn between my love of both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Han Solo.   Obi-Wan died in that movie, but I was  happy to see his younger version in the following prequel trilogy.  And, I was thrilled to see Harrison Ford back as Han Solo in Episode 7 … right up until the moment that his son stabs a light sword through him and throws him off a maintenance catwalk.  Lucas seems to need to kill off a main character at the start of each trilogy!  While we don’t know for sure that Han Solo is dead, I think seeing him (alive) again is a long shot.
This opening story has all the best elements of the original movie with a stronger female role model.  I think another generation will embrace the characters and stories.