The Nineties … and Me

CNN’s website begins by describing the miniseries as:  From executive producers Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, and Mark Herzog, in association with HBO, CNN’s Original Series “The Nineties” explores the decade that gave us the Internet, DVDs, and other cultural and political milestones.  They included:

Episode Title Scheduled air date US viewers
1 “The One About TV” July 9, 2017 1.14[3]
Watched it.
2 “Clinton: The Comeback Kid” July 16, 2017 0.968[4]
Watched it and I loved it.
3 “Can We All Get Along?” July 23, 2017 0.861[5]
Watched it.
4 “New World Order” July 30, 2017 0.950[6]
 Watched it.
5 “Terrorism Hits Home” August 6, 2017 1.003[7]
6 “The Information Age” August 13, 2017 1.041[8]
7 “Isn’t it Ironic?” August 20, 2017 0.952[10]

When it was airing, I set my DVR to record it.  I began watching it a few days ago and I recommend it.

My biggest reactions involved President Clinton and television series, including THE SIMPSONS and CHEERS.  Clinton really was incredible.  The investigations and scandals got the coverage at the time, but his accomplishments were especially remarkable given that.  And, his popularity remained high.  While some people derided his personal behavior, they continued to give him high scores as a politician, leader, and President.  I agreed then and I agree now.

Ronald Reagan was also the right person at the right time.  His actions while the USSR was falling apart and the Berlin Wall fell, were perfectly balanced.  Him minimized conflict and offered support where possible and let it all happen “naturally.”

Culturally, the series has reminded me that racial tensions remained throughout.  The chant, “No justice, no peace,” isn’t new.  Black (and minority) culture, however, became mainstream culture.  Black (and minority) athletes, artists, actors and writers won awards and pulled black (and minority) history into focus. (Spike Lee’s film Malcolm X is one example.)