The Terrible Trio – Cash, Kristofferson and Nelson

I started listening to country music early.  Both my grandparents and my parents listened, but my dad liked the newer styles  too.  Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash etc.  I never cared for the early country songs, too much bluegrass twang for me.  I fell in love with Elvis first.  I watched all the movies and still believe he had acting potential which his management never allowed him to use seriously.  I was collecting his albums by age six.  I still have original releases of many of his LPs.

Quite early though, I fell in love with ballads and songs that told a story.  That led me to Kris Kristofferson.  When I left country for pop and rock music, he remained.  I adopted Willie Nelson after his movie Honeysuckle Rose Then, of course, Johnny, Kris and Willie joined up as The Highwaymen.  They, along with June Carter Cash, became Nashville royalty.

I love Joaquim Phoenix as Johnny Cash in the movie biography I Walk the Line. I listen to that soundtrack more than original recordings.  I am currently listening to Johnny's official biography.  It is being read by Kris Kristofferon!  Surprise!!! I have Willie's autobiobraphy queued up.  My disappointmet there is that he narrates the introduction and the a regular narrator takes over.  I would love to find on on Kris, but nothing so far.  Rumors have raun about him writing  one himself, but they've always died down again.

I think our legends define our times and our times define us:  whether we accept them or rebel against them.  I am not sorry to have mine defined by singing poets and outlaws.