Today’s Horoscope – Deepen Relationships

"An opportunity exists to make new friends or strengthen existing relationships…"

As I have been debating the wisdom of renewing my current romantic partnership – again – for the last couple weeks, this is spot on.  I feel as if the significant other who essentially blew up our relationship about three years ago and has been sleeping on the futon might be making a move.  Not sure if he's just looking for a booty call, friends with benefits, or something more.  Not sure what I want, but know I'll never have the same level of emotional investment as before.  As I am as close to perfectly content as I ever get when I'm living alone, I am definitely wary.  If my retirement plans progress, I could be in my own smaller retirement place, either on my own or with my mom, in 3-5 years.  Do I want him there too?  At this point, I'd say not really.