Today’s Training (Sexual Harassment & Assault)

We had SHARP (Sexual Harassment and Assault Response Prevention) Training today.  The opener was a scenario to get everyone talking and I think it worked pretty well (I’ll paraphrase):

The Baron had to be away from his castle and told the Baroness that terrible things would happen if she didn’t stay home while he was away.  The Baroness got bored during his long absence and left to visit her Lover.  She had to have the castle’s drawbridge lowered to do that.  When she came back, a Crazy Man with a weapon was guarding the drawbridge and wouldn’t let her pass.  She found a Boatman who demanded payment before helping her.  She asked her Friend for money, who refused because the situation was her own fault.  Then she went to her Lover for help and he refused because their relationship was limited to sex.  Finally, the Baroness tried to get past the Crazy Man on her own and he killed her.

So, how would you rank these people in order of responsiblity and/or culpability (on a scale of 1-6 with 1 the most responsible?  Why?

Crazy Man

Rank them yourselves and I’ll tell you how and why I ranked them in my next post.

  • Does it matter why the Baroness left the castle?
  • How do the Crazy Man and the Boatman compare?
  • Does social context matter?  (Does killing her in that time period equate to divorcing her now?)

Note:  If you want an awesome view of some of these same issues and others, check out the recent HBO Limited Series BIG LITTLE LIES with Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman.