Truce Bearer

Gaian Tarot:  10 of Air … release
Druid Oracle:  Stag … messenger, beginnings
Goddess Tarot:  2 of Swords … truce
Horoscope:  Work effectively … organize

What does truce have to do with a relationship or life situations?  I believe it means accepting the role of messenger, the truce bearer, releasing blame, and working effectively toward a new beginning.   Whether or not that new beginning includes the other person or the current factors and commitments is irrelevant.  What matters is moving on, moving forward, moving toward.

I’ve spent a lot of time in my head lately as I’ve been tired fighting some kind of respiratory bug.  I think my most critical factor in getting beyond feeling stuck is defining the relationship with the guy who used to be my significant other and is now barely a friend and roommate.  I can plan it, see it in my head, and try to start the conversation.  However, something always blocks it.  I am unsure whether that is just bad timing, my lack of resolve, or intentional on his part.  But that is definitely the next step that will change the situation and not just the surroundings/circumstances.