Trump Fails Us Again

I am never calling him President Trump again. A president who won the election with overt appeals to white nationalism and continues to support hate and violence is not my president.  If you’ve been listening to his remarks, both official and on Twitter, and believe in actual American values; you won’t either.

WWII was supposed to mean “never again.”  Hate speech is always bad, but certain views are unacceptable anywhere at any time by anyone (especially the many permutations of white supremacist, Neo-Nazi, Southern nationalist, Ku Klux Klanner, and patriot militiaman composing the Alt-Right).  The existing stains on the American flag (Native American conquest and the enslavement of African people; the epidemic of lynching and the enduring reality of Jim Crow; the stains of Japanese “internment,” McCarthyism, Vietnam and the WMD justification of Iraq) are bad enough and part of our history.  For more information, please check out the following links:

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I had no idea that Trump could rise to such heights of false equivalency.