Trying Not to Make Waves

nbsp;    My recent bout of flu had me out intermittently and then for nearly a week straight.  I had to get antibiotics before I could kick it.  And I am still tired at the end of the day and taking naps.  I never acrue large leave (either annual/vacation or sick) balances.  I frankly don't see a huge advantage in it.  Yes, it is handy if you have a serious illness or if you plan an extended trip.  Otherwise, it could equate to additional pay at the end of your career.  But that is subject to change.
      So, I tend to keep about a week of annual and a few days of sick what with doctor and dentist appointments (which tend to happen in bunches), flare-ups of chronic health conditions, and personal/social activities.  When I got sick, I used leave without pay.  Not long after this, my supervisors presented me with a memorandum restricting my leave use for six months.  This has happend twice before in the past 12 years.  Two things truely perturb me here:  1) Its condescending and controlling (since they neither could nor even attempted to prove abuse) and 2) It is redundant.  They always implement it AFTER a bout of illness where I've complied with all rules and requirements but had to use leave without pay.
      During the six months, I have to force myself not to agitate and worry at the issues, i.e. not to make waves.  Today was an example.  I attempted to get an appointment with my hair stylist.  I couldn't get one outside work hours, so I put in a leave slip for 2 hours next Monday.  (The only other opening was tomorrow and that is not enough notice under the restrictions.)  My supervisor approved it, but wrote: "I approve the leave however, please note that your leave balances are nearly zero."
      I wanted to respond by correcting her with my actual leave balances.  After all, I can count and I accrue 12 hours of combined leave a pay period.  Also, her information is always at least a pay period behind.  However, I managed to restrain myself.  I am annoyed, but responding would be purposeless.  I don't need to engage over trivia.  Why buy in?  Why participate?  I am betting that indifference will be more annoying that anything else I could do and better for me in the long run.