War with Women and the Media

After using the press and the media to distract and distort during his campaign, Trump is now at war with them.  Finally, the media is asking actual questions and check facts rather than rebroadcasting his slogans.  So now he calls them the most dishonest people in the world and has coined the term “alternative facts” for lies his Press Secretary told “officially.”

And his first actions have been to undermine the rights of women in general and LGBT citizens in particular and further impoverish the poor.

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His initial approval rating was only 32% and the crowd size in the Mall reflected that.  And of course, the re-writing of fact and history has begun.  The White House has removed all references to climate change and pages devoted to civil rights and women’s issues.  We can only hope the project to archive government sites and information before the purge began was effective.

Everyone needs to commit to resistance, speaking out and helping those who will be targeted by this presidency.  The Women’s March on Washington was a beginning for the 1,459 Days of Resistance and the attending crowd numbered more than 500,000, roughly 3x the size of the crowd at Trump’s ceremony.

Women’s March and 100 Days of Action