Where Does the Money Go? Mostly for Information

I splurged on a recent landmark vacation with family.  Between that and trying to pay off debt prior to my proposed retirement, I took a close look at where my money is going.  Some things, of course, were not up for review.  They are both fundamental to my lifestyle and a way to avoid spending money on other things.  Those include:  rent, electricity, food, transportation, insurance, T-mobile, DirecTV, GoDaddy hosting, Audible and Amazon Prime, loans and credit card debt.

The discretionary list where I make monthly or annual payments:
Apple iTunes (Android App) $10.75 (M) – Phone
Arcadia Power (Green Energy) $13.00 (M)
Audible (1 Credit) $14.95 (M)
Barnes & Noble (Digital Subscriptions/3 each) $6.30 (M)
Democracy Now $10.00 (M) – Donation
Foreign Affairs (Combo Subscription) $28.00 (A)
GoDaddy (Hosting/URL Multiple Sites) $15.99 (M)
Google Drive (100GB) $19.95 (A)
Medium (News Site Access) $5.00 (M)
Meetup (Hosting) $19.99 (M)
Mythic Mojo/Bandcamp (Site/Podcast Access) $5.00 (M)
The Nation $5.00 (M) – Donation
Planned Parenthood $10.00 (M) – Donation
Seattle Times (Digital Access) $3.99 (M)
Utne (Combo Subscription) $31.00
Zinio (Digital Subscriptions/2 each) $47.08 (A)

Stuff sure adds up fast and, believe it or not, this is my purged list!  It made me realize I am a huge information consumer and my interests reflect that.  Unfortunately, I want to write more and I’m actually reading more and writing less.  I just picked up some great software recommended by Rachael Herron – Write or Die!  I am planning on giving that a try along with living up to my minimum commitment of three (3) blog posts per week.  If you read this, keep my feet to the fire and my fingers on the keys.  I’d appreciate it!!!