Wild Words from Wild Women Quote – THE MANTRA!!!

“It’s not your job to like me, it’s mine.” – Byron Katie, feel-good guru

I’ve got it. I figured out the mantra pair for this part of my life. If pressed, I’d say it took me from age 50 to age 54 (my birthday is the 18th). So here it is:

Mantra for where I am now: stuck and distracted
Mantra for where I want to be: motivated and focused

I tried to “blow up” my life at age 50. I had drama with my mom, my sister, and my boyfriend. But nothing really changed. The relationships with my mom and my sister are still mainly up to me. I just factor their convenience into my plans less. The relationship with my boyfriend (roommate?)) is just more superficial and unsatisfying.

First Goal: Discussion with boyfriend (roommate?) about what my plans are, whether he wants to be part of them, and where we go from there. When: Right after July 4th. How: Breakfast together on a Saturday BEFORE he leaves for that particular weekend.