Wild Words from Wild Women – Gender Roles

“I’ve never yet met a man who could look after me.  I don’t need a husband.  What I need is a wife.”  – Joan Collins, scene stealer

I’ve always believe in equal rights and considered myself a feminist.  But that really doesn’t address gender roles, i.e. separate but equal.  My battle cry as a teenager was, “You’d let a boy do that!”

In reality, I’ve enough self-interest to take advantage of gender roles that keep me from doing things that I don’t enjoy.  In truth, I don’t believe in activities, events or work based solely or largely on gender.  I’ve become more and more egalitarian in practice and believe in shared labor and negotiation.  In the end, I’d rather do the things the “husband” does, work and earn the money, than the things the “wife” does, housework and childcare.  When left on me own during my ex-husband’s deployments, I would mow the lawn and prune the hedges while hiring a housekeeper.  Housework is monotonous and never ends.  You can do it every day and take less time or do it occasionally and take more time.  Guess which I choose!