What to Write … in a Tiny Home?

I haven’t picked up many readers and those who do generally access via the push to Facebook or Twitter.  As gaining an audience wasn’t high on my list of goals, I am not discouraged.  But I am disappointed.  I’d like to have some 2-way discussions and get feedback on my posts and ideas.  I’ve decided to add a little bit for those days when I don’t have a “blog” in me that lets me just mark daily events.  That may be handy in the future.

I am kicking around another housing/retirement idea:

What if we got a property with a building we could use as a sort of club house and storage and then put our own RVs or tiny houses on the lot?  I am clueless about the rules and regulations, but I think it sounds fun.  And it would help us all downsize and simplify. We wouldn’t have to worry about the number of pets, community rules, fees for rent on the lot in addition to the housing mortgage/cost.  We could be independent and communal!